Directorate of Human Resources

  • has as main function to provide in accordance with legislation and local policies declared and voted by the community, human services such as those related to staffing and recruitment practices for the administration of the Municipality and the good management of any operational duty by any employee of the administration and subordinate institutions.
  • This department creates the premises and conditions for the administration to realize the basic services to the community in accordance with legislation in force, development policy, the Municipality Council decisions, and orders or warrants issued by the Mayor.
  • Prepares the legal infrastructure, to begin the procedures for recruiting new employees of the Municipality administration.
  • it takes the necessary measures and organizes the work, for the training and qualification of personnel, giving priority to new employees in various sectors of the Municipality.
  • Through specific sectors such as protocol and archive, has the responsibility to register, manage and archive all official documentation incoming or outgoing from the Municipality.
  • Creates the conditions and organizes the meetings of the Mayor with officials and/or interested community, for public (official) and personal meetings.
  • the directory answers the problems of the welfare of logistic services within the Municipality; it signs the contract regarding the services offered by this directory to administration employees in relation to third parties.
  • identifies the issues of the day and helps in avoiding subjective factors that hinder the performance of normal processes in community service and tasks.
  • Propose projects to improve the work, raise the level of technical and administrative staff and provides opportunities for qualification and experience exchange with counterpart units and training institutions within and outside the country.
  • Draft regulations of the Municipality and encourages and assists in the drafting of regulations of the subordinate institutions, on the basis of legal competence and experience of work in every sector.
  • Prepares, manages and enriches the permanent documentation of the administration and of the subordinate institutions personnel.
  • Perform periodic analysis on the activity of departments, assisting in their meetings where identifies assessments made to employees in general, in particular for employees who are on probation.
  • Makes arrangements for the organization of official ceremonies, in case of visits by high domestic or foreign personalities, as well as festive ceremonies in local and national holidays.
  • Follows the ongoing discipline and disciplinary coverage in the personal file of each employee;
  • Plans usual permits (annual leaves) for employees and follows their implementation after approval by the Mayor.
  • contributes to the civic community orientation to address accurate problem solving, provides information services to the public on the activities of the municipality.

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