Directory of Education, tourism, culture, youth and sports

Sector of Education

  • Organizes the work for drafting the budget for education;
  • Details the approved budget indicators, making its specification for each educational institution;
  • Prepares and submits reports to the Municipal Council about the needs for schools and kindergartens;
  • Present for approval the study allowance for students;
  • Performs acceptance of the rights of study for students of first years in secondary vocational schools according to the plan came from the Education Department, in cooperation with the Finance Department and Legal Department;
  • In collaboration with the Health, Finance and Services Sector follows sanitary problems in education institutions of the city;
  • With the Proposal from RDE help in naming schools and kindergartens;
  • In collaboration with RDE, Municipal Police, State Police and Schools secures the well being of the teaching process and other activities in the schools;
  • Works for the growth of sportive angles in the schools;
  • Prepares projects for the financing of material base for the schools;
  • Studies the statistics to foresee the number of students in the future;
  • Oversees the conditions of the dormitory;
  • Stimulates talents and helps in organization of different competitive activities between schools;

Sector of tourism

Tourism sector is structured as part of the Directorate.

  • Proposes and designs for approval of tourism development projects in accordance with city development strategy;
  • is responsible responsible for marketing the city's tourist resources in all contemporary measuress;
  • collaborates with the Ministry of Tourism, the Prefecture, the Regional Council and private bussineses in function to migliorate the tourism sturctures and grow the number of tourists, financial support and quality of service;
  • Tracks and coordinates all activities related to the tourism sector of the city of Lezha by creating and advertising the appropriate calendar.
  • DCETS coordinates cultural, artistic and tourist activities in the city.
  • It works for the preparation of projects and their implementation;
  • It gathers and works statistic indicators of tourism development and on this basis prepares analysis and reports for the Municipal needs.

Sector of Culture, Youth and Sports

Culture and sports are two very important elements in the life of the city. Both, but in special the culture is in close function to the development of tourism.

This sector:

  • administers the dependant institutions.
  • It organises cultural, artistic and sport activities in the city, supported by municipal funds, Governement, different sponsors, associations for the reviving of the cultural and artistic life in the city;
  • Coordinates the work with other sectors for the realization of joint projects in the field of culture, sports and art.
  • Organizes joint sport activities, cultural and artistic organization of cultural activities; including: local and national official holidays; problems of cultural heritage of the city, ethnographic assets, historical figures; institutions pursuing artistic activity in dependence of the Municiplaity;
  • checks the state of playgrounds in the administration of the Municipality, from the functional point of view, technical, safety and sanitary standards;
  • identifies the talents and helps prepare them with the specialists for the future.

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