Directory of Local Tax and Tariffs

The mission of the DLTT is the compilation and the implementation of the politics, programs and implementing strategies for the control of the commerce network in the territory of the Municipality.

  1. It directs and organizes the sectors in accordance with the legal and sublegal dispositions.
  2. It evidences and controls periodically and continually the registered subjects.
  3. It plans the most efficient ways to control the commerce network in the city in coordination with the other structures of the Municipality, responsible for the urban planning and public infrastructure.
  4. DLTT is responsible for the evidence and creation of a database, for all the commerce subjects exercising their activity within the territory of the municipality.
  5. It is also responsible for implementing all the decisions of the Municipal Council or other orders and decisions.
  6. DLTT prepares and/or approves all the necessary technical and economical documentation for the delivery of services approved by the municipality.
  7. It prepares the materials to present to the Municipal Council and keeps track of the implementation of the decisions taken.
  8. DLTT coordinated the work with the Public Relations sector for the growth of quality of service offered to interested subjects.
  9. Compiles statistics programs and works with them in function of the work of the directory.
  10. DLTT prepares publicitary materials for the awareness raising and information about the services offered by the municipality and the update to the rights, duties and obligations of the citizens; exchanges information and prepares materials that help the SMEs.
  11. It is also in constant search for new efficient ways of communicating with the citizens or all the interested subjects in the range of the work it covers.

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