Environmental Inspectorate

The Inspectorate of Ambient in the Municipality of Lezha is carried out by a specialist inside the Directory of Public Services, and its legal bases are law no 8934 date 05.09.2002, law no. 8990 date 23.01.2003, law no.  9010 date 12.02.2003, law no. 9115 date 24.07.2003, law no.  8897 date 16.05.2002 and its major tasks are:

  • the environmental protection from the inert residue,
  • the environmental treatment of the polluted waters,
  • the protection of the air from pollution,
  • the public information in collaboration with NGO-s and the media etc..

On performing its tasks the Inspector makes everyday controls in the city, and requests the collaboration of the citizens and businesses for the normalization of the situations. In the year 2006 only, there have been removed from the school yard 350 m3 inert materials from the citizens. The inspectorate makes continuous control of the state of sanitation of drinking water and wastewater and their removal normally and in coordination with individuals or institutions responsible for eliminating of shown defects.

  • Control in collaboration with the Director of Hygiene for the quality of drinking water.
  • Cooperation with Road Directorate, sidewalks, and green and cleaning the city entrepreneurs for new opportunities to improve the environment.
  • Cooperation with the Regional Environmental Agency for providing the information input.

507 families have applied as homeless and are arranged according to the Scoring System approved by the City Council and the Law No. 9232 dated 13 / 05 / 2004 for housing. 323 families have completed the criteria under agreement No. 6257 dated 02 / 09 / 2008: "For the ability to facilitate lending by the state". 313 families have been approved by the Municipal Council for the period 2009 to 2011. 60% of applicants approved by UNV have applied at the NCB or about 187 families, of which 22 families have benefited from the loan and National Housing has announced that they will be removed from the list of homeless.

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