Municipal Police

MP is an executive body involved in the structure of the municipal apparatus under direct dependences of the Mayor. It acts as a separate section and is directed by a police inspector. The Municipal Police Service as an organizational structure, executive at the Municipality level, bases its work under law 8224 dt.15.07.1997, Law 8335 dt.23.04.1998 law. 8652 dt. 31.07.2000 as well as at the Ministry of Interior regulation. The MP is not part of the armed forces but enjoys legal protection equal to employees of the State Police.

The Municipal Police:

  • works to ensure effective implementation of the acts issued by the Mayor and City Council that deal with public security and tranquility as well as maintenance of public works;
  • ensures the implementation of orders issued by the President dealing with legal and natural persons who do not meet legal obligations, fiscal or any other obligation;
  • takes appropriate measures cooperating with the Directory of Public Services, veterinary section to ensure the protection of the environment from pollution;
  • informs the Mayor in cases of epidemics;
  • discovers and avoids illegal buildings, occupying of land, buildings of the Municipality and of other public entities illegally;
  • takes measures to maintain order and public peace by avoiding quarrels, noise, use of loudspeakers, trumpets, and other actions that cause citizens' concerns;
  • takes measures to maintain order and security in case of public gatherings such as in the market, in public ceremonies, artistic, religious, sports ceremonies or events etc.;
  • requires the observance of legal provisions which regulate the buying and selling activities in public areas as well as respecting the hours of trade service;
  • is activated and helps prevent and avoid the various disasters;
    In fulfilling its duties  the MP coordinates with the other offices of the municipal apparatus, especially taxation, planning, veterinary, public services, legal, etc.. Special collaboration the MP has with the Lezha’s State Police Station for all problems. It works with monthly and annual plans as approved by the Mayor. It controls the security of the apparatus of the Municipality and in particular it takes measures to ensure the Treasurer of the institution in the days of withdrawal and distribution of monetary values. The MP keeps its uniform and insignia of the Municipality. It performs other operative duties the Mayor assigns.

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