The Memorial Museum of Skanderbeg


The Memorial Museum of Skanderbeg burial place is a significant cultural institution which has a double dependence: from Lezha Municipality and the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Albania. It was build on 23 November 1981 and was designed by the People's Sculptor Odhise Pascal and architect Latif Lazimi.

It lies at the heart of the ancient city of Lissus. The Memorial surface itself is about 225m2 with 11m height, while the original walls of the church of Saint Nicola include an area of about 72m2, where the wall height reaches 5.25 m. Skanderbeg memorial (the Burial place and the League of Lezha) records two of the biggest events of the Albanian Nation: the Lezha meeting of March 2, 1444 or as it is better known the League of Lezha, where George Kastrioti-Skanderbeg united the Albanian princes in the fight against the Ottoman conquest and secondly the burial site of Skanderbeg, who died in Lezha on 17 January 1468 at the age of 63 of the malaria disease. Visits by local and foreign tourists every year has been increased by a number 9000-10000 visitors per year.

The largest number of domestic visitors are represented by students from Albania, Kosovo and the Albanian regions of Macedonia and Montenegro. With regard to foreign tourists, European and American tourists make up the largest number, but we are not lacking tourists from African and Asian countries. This year (January-August 2011) marks the largest number of tourists in these years with about 12,170 visitors of which 1730 foreign visitors. The increased number of visits has been influenced also by the archaeological excavations that are made in the area around the Memorial from Albanian and German archaeologists, excavations which have proven the great wealth that "sleeps for 2624 years" at the Lezha’s underground (the ancient Lissi). It is worth mentioning the visits of Ibrahim Rugova, Fatmir Sejdiu, Sali Berisha, Rexhep Meidani, Alfred Moisiu, Pandeli Majko, Arber Xhaferi, ambassadors Jeffrey Salzman, Ms. Shelton, etc.. The visits to the memorial are free as approved by the City Council.

The Memorial is located in "Gjergj Kastrioti" square, 100 meters from the administrative center.

Mobile: 00355682029725; 00355692147344

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