Urban Construction Inspectorate

At the Lezha Municipality is actually in function the Urban Construction Inspectorate, which by the work of Chief Inspector and inspectors, exercises control responsibilities and the enforcement of technical standards in the field of construction and urbanistics and those provided by other laws, within the territory of the administrative jurisdiction of the Municipality of Lezha. The structure of UCI of the municipality is approved by decision of the City Council, with the mayor's proposal, Z.Viktor Tushaj. UCI is headed by the chief inspector, who is appointed by the Mayor. To accomplish the tasks defined by law, the municipal UCI is supported by the Municipal Police.

Duties and responsibilities of the Inspectorate:

  1. Inspection and control of constructing subjects;
  2. Verification and control of each procedure (requests, complaints and findings in the field), followed by the inspectors observing all statutory deadlines;
  3. Exchange of information and follow of common practices with INUK;
  4. Adopted urban projects have a priority such as example, arrangement of blocks, expansion of infrastructure, etc..
  5. Cooperation with municipal or communal units;
  6. Cooperation and exchange of information with all departments within the Municipality and the Municipal Police.
  7. Maintaining constant contact with ZVRPP, Regional Directorate ALUIZNI, local archives for verification and confirmation of documents;

Inspectorate control scope

Legal and illegal constructions

  1. (Building facilities defined in law 10119 "On Territorial Planning", "Inspection of Construction" and other laws that regulate the work, including refurbishments, extensions, changes of destination, etc.).

For illegal items:

  1. Order the immediate suspension of construction and follow all procedures set out in law.

For facilities with building permission:

  1. Verifies the technical and legal documentation and implementation of the Conditions of the site and the building under construction building permits;
  2. Changes in placement;
  3. Changes in size and volume;
  4. Changes in architecture;
  5. Lack of documentation;
  6. Construction site controls, technical security measures, etc..

Identification of problems and Decision on Suspension

  1. When the object is illegal up to demolition;
  2. Lacks of documentation must be asked for the supplement of documents in a reasonable time (eg, 10 or 60 days);
  3. Violation of conditions and architecture suspended until correction or demolition;


  1. Fines and penalties;
  2. Does not preclude a decision on the suspension.


  1. When construction is illegal;
  2. When it does not met the requirements of the decision to suspend.


  1. Evidence and taking measures to prevent illegal construction in the administrative territory of the Municipality.
  2. Comprehensive and effective control over construction entities in public and private investments on their legal and technical documentation of the implementation of the projects.
  3. freeing of public spaces and different facilities such as the Archaeological Park, illegally occupied by different legal entities and physical subjects.
  4. Correctly tracking of all legal procedures for various violations.
  5. Accept and correct treatment of all subjects and citizens' complaints.
  6. Effective collaboration with other sectors of the Municipality to increase the efficiency of our work.
  7. Completing and keeping track of all the correct documentation and correspondence with other sectors.

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