Veterinary Service Inspector

The Municipality Veterinary Inspectors Office is comprised of two specialists, both with veterinary degrees. They have the necessary practical and theoretical background and work in accordance with the necessary legal codes to provide quality control of the sanitation of products of animal origin and to protect public health.

This office offers the following services:

  • Regulation of animals to be processed at the city's butchery, control of the slaughter process, control of the meat packaging process
  • Continued regulation of all businesses/individuals operating with animal products
  • Regulation of the sale of living animals and poultry
  • Working to eliminate street sale of meat, fish, poultry and their products
  • Penalization for those that break laws dealing with the handling of animal products
  • Management and creation of statistic data concerning veterinary issues
    Insemination of domestic animals
  • Promotion of preventative measures that increase animal health
  • Lab testing, when necessary
  • Animal vaccination
  • Certification of people operating with meat, fish and animal-derived products.This includes merchants, transporters, butchers and farmers.
  • Development of promotional materials
  • Remaining in contact with regional and European professionals to maintain a standard of service
  • Remaining in contact with local and central government representatives, collaborating with other institutions like the Prefecture, D.R.B.U.MB.K of Region of Lezha, health institutions of the region and with the Police Directorate for the Lezha region.

Services and Contacts

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